Welcome to the Manipulus/Consolatorium Project

This website is intended to provide Open Access research materials from Consolatorium theologicum (1338-40/41) of Iohannes de Tambaco, OP (Johannes von Dambach) in order to document the author's reception of Thomas of Ireland's Manipulus florum.

The text will be transcribed from the editio princeps of Consolatorium, printed at Basel in 1492 by J. Amerbach
(ISTC ij00437000), using the open access copy provided by the Universitätsbibliothek Basel.

The online presentation of the text will include links to the PDF source documents from The Electronic Manipulus florum Project, which I completed in 2013, for all quotations derived from that florilegium, following the model of two previous websites I created in 2015-16 to document the reception of Manipulus in two 15th-century texts: Giovanni Dominici's Lucula noctis (The Manipulus/Lucula noctis Project) and Walter Bower's Scotichronicon (The Manipulus/Scotichronicon Project).

Universitätsbibliothek Basel,
UBH Aleph E X 24:3, f. 1r
(image used with permission)

The major difference between this website and its predecessors is that critical editions of both Lucula noctis and Scotichronicon were published the 20th century, so those websites serve as addenda/corrigenda to those editions, whereas The Manipulus/Consolatorium Project will constitute the first modern edition of the text.

This website currently provides Liber 9, capitulum 4 as a sample of the proposed resource. If seed funding is awarded to develop this online resource, it is expected that about half of the text will be provided on this website by the end of August 2024, and if a major external grant is awarded in Spring 2025, this website should be completed by August of that year.

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